Is CNG safe?

When compared to gasoline, CNG is a much safer fuel overall. CNG is lighter than air and tends to rise to the atmosphere versus pooling on the ground if a leak were to occur. CNG has a higher ignition temperature then gasoline, making it harder to ignite. All of the components in a CNG vehicle have a redundancy of at least two times working pressure. Working pressure in the CNG vehicle is 3600 psi.

Can I retrofit my existing daily driver?

This depends on the vehicle. There are different emissions standards throughout the country. Several have adopted CARB emission standards, the rest of the country follows EPA standards. Due to the complexity and cost of certification to the standards, not every vehicle or model year is a suitable candidate for conversion. Go to www.ngvc.org for more information. Vehicles such as hot rods, typically are exempt from these standards, with the exception being California.

Why should I convert my hot rod or fuel my hot rod with CNG?

CNG is a much more cost-effective fuel source than gasoline. Because CNG is produced domestically over 98%, its an American fuel source. With more and more popularity of CNG in the over the road trucks, the groundwork is being laid for the infrastructure to support it. There's also the ability to refuel your vehicle from home. CNG produces fewer harmful emissions and gasoline. Carbon dioxide or (CO2), is reduced up to 25%, because the atomic nature of CNG. CNG vehicles also have no evaporative emissions. In the United States the average cost per CNG is just over two dollars per gallon and those prices will vary state to state. The average cost refueling at home is also just over one dollar per gallon. An American fuel that's cost-effective, as powerful as gasoline, producing lower emissions is the right thing to do, and now is the time to do it.

Can I convert my hot rod myself?

High pressure components in the CNG system should be installed only by trained and certified technicians. Due to the complexity of the CNG system, without training, CDP Inc. discourages individuals from installing themselves. Installations must follow applicable regulations. In some states, technicians must be certified by the state or local government. www.safengv.org is also a good website for safety related information

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on a number of things, the cylinder configuration, size of the engine and the overall layout of the vehicle. The costliest part of the fuel system is the cylinder itself. Cylinders can range anywhere from $800.00 for the smallest cylinder to $5000.00 for a cylinder typically for a pickup truck. CDP Inc. takes into account all of these factors quoting the fuel system for turnkey hot rod or retrofit package. A typical CNG fuel system with installation can range from $8,000-$20,000.00 minus the engine.

Does CDP Inc. offer conversions for anything besides hot rods?

CDP Inc. was started, to create a new industry within the hot rod community, but we are also developing engine systems for new passenger cars, light and heavy duty trucks.  We want to focus on building the highest performance cost-effective engines fuel systems available for these applications. We build engines and fuel systems for gasoline, CNG and LPG.

How does CDP Inc. make CNG work in a vehicle?

CDP Inc. offers complete engine management and wiring solutions for GM LS based engines. This allows us to use current generation GM engine controllers, which are re-calibrated by proprietary means to utilize CNG. Using the GM controller, allows use to mimic most of the functionality of a new production vehicle. This enables us to install things such as:

• Catalytic converters for emissions control and OBD conformity
• Pre and post oxygen sensors for fuel control and OBD conformity
• Active fuel management for increased fuel economy
• Remote vehicle diagnostics module
• Simplification of wiring and other add on devices, like On-Star® or body control modules
• CAN messaging for dash gauges or other add on devices
• Control of engine fans, fuel pumps and charging systems
• ABS brakes etc..


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