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With CNC prototyping capability and a 2500 horsepower SuperFlow chassis dynamometer with emissions capability, CDP offers fuel system engineering and integration as well as a complete validated conversion systems.

CDP contracts with the best of the best on custom vehicle painting, chassis design, transmission building and electronics engineering.

CDP, is now creating, testing and bringing to market a sea change in core natural gas vehicle technologies. Two new platforms are currently undergoing an OEM level integration, a Dedicated passenger vehicle and a Bi-Fuel passenger vehicle. These two platforms are a radical departure from what we consider the status quo in the natural gas retro-fit business. More information will be available soon on these two vehicle platforms!

Crazy Diamond Performance Inc. offers:

• Complete turn-key hot rods, built fully custom to order or from customer specified body/chassis supplier
• Retrofitting of fuel systems of existing hot rods
• Complete turn-key engine solutions*
• Custom engine calibrations and in house chassis testing with our SuperFlow  30" single roll Dynamometer
• Easy to install engine wiring packages GM LS engines
• Plug and play headlight to taillight wire harnesses
• CNC and CAD engineering capabilities
• Rapid prototyping
• Custom engine building*
• Emissions monitoring capability with federal testing and drive cycles, US06, FTP, HWFET, SC03

CDP utilizes the latest in data analytics capturing and reporting. Our data capture system can record 16 channels of thermocouple, OBD and wide band sensor data. CDP contracts with other fuel system suppliers to develop the core technologies needed to provide a stable and dependable CNG conversion system, with OEM level integration.

 CDP provides engine calibration and certification testing services for alternative fuel system manufacturers LPG and CNG.

* CDP engines are for off-road and racing use. CDP engines are meant for non-pollution controlled motor vehicles.


Crazy Diamond Performance Inc. Files for patent protection


Kevin Fern, president of Crazy Diamond Performance Inc. Files for patent protection on a new method of gaseous fuel direct injection for direct injection engines

The LPDI systems allows a cost competitive conversion of a gasoline Direct Injection (DI) engine to Natural Gas and LPG (gaseous fuels). “Coming up with a simplistic way to convert these new generation engines was an absolutely important decision for us” states Kevin Fern, this new design will allow low pressure gaseous fuels to be injected directly into the combustion chamber and will allow for easier packaging and better performance than port injecting gaseous fuels in a DI engine. “the significance of this is that I wanted to keep the fundamentals of the DI engine the same and to alleviate having to repackage engines just to suit the physics of gaseous fuels”. By using low pressure direct injection, we are able to use industry proven components and retain the functionality and equivalent performance of gasoline DI engines. 


Crazy Diamond Performance recieves EPA approval on its CNG Cruze and Sonic


Crazy Diamond Performance Inc.









October 30, 2014

Crazy Diamond Performance recieves EPA approval on its CNG Cruze and Sonic

CDP receives EPA approval for its Mono-Fuel CNG Cruze and Sonic.

Shelby Township, Michigan, October 30, 2014– Crazy Diamond Performance (CDP) receives EPA approval on its Mono-Fuel Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Chevrolet Cruze and Chevrolet Sonic.

Crazy Diamond Performance has received EPA approval on two new mono-fuel small passenger vehicles, the CNG Chevrolet Cruze and CNG Chevrolet Sonic. These new mono-fuel CNG platforms are the first of a series of small and fuel efficient vehicles coming from CDP, where cost, low emissions and reduced fuel consumption is important for not only fleet owners, but to the general public as well. “Soon to be available, are the 1.8L and 1.4L Cruze and Sonic CNG retrofit systems. These two vehicles represent a change in the status quo, with an OEM level integration of the fuel system and its components” states Michelle Fern, Executive Vice President CDP Inc. These vehicles provide flexibility for fleets looking to purchase a domestic small mono-fuel passenger sedan, but have not had an option until now. There are significant emissions benefits over its gasoline counterpart, with an average reduction in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) of 25%. The Cruze and Sonic sedans feature 8.5 GGE fuel capacity for highway range of nearly 300 miles.

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Download press release (.PDF):CDP_MY14-CNG_Cruze_press-release_r2_final.pdf


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