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Crazy Diamond Performance Inc. formed 2012 , by a 18 year alternative fuel vehicle industry innovator and veteran, Kevin Fern, to provide innovative products to the hot rod community and the OEM and aftermarket alternative fuel industry. Kevin Fern, former Co-Founder of NaturalDrive Partners LLC, that was the fuel system designer and Manufacturer Of Record of the 2011+ General Motors CNG van program. Kevin Fern was also the President of AFVTech inc. a small company with fuel system design for a Department of Energy (DOE) funded hydrogen vehicle program. CNG is the one energy source that we can depend on for generations to come. There is said to be over 100 years of proven reserves right here under our feet. When combusted in a vehicle, it produces lower exhaust emissions, such as Carbon Dioxide by 25% and there are almost no evaporative emissions. With 120 octane and nearly the same energy content as gasoline, current generation CNG engines are just as powerful as gasoline counterpart. CNG is the fuel of not only the future, but today. Come explore what CNG is and how Crazy Diamond Performance plans to apply this to this unique industry.

Warmest Regards,
Kevin Fern
President Crazy Diamond Performance Inc.

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AFHRAAFHRA is the Alternative Fuel Hot Rod Association. Dedicated to promoting alternative fuels for hot rods, muscle cars and racing applications.