Alternative Hot Rod Association (AFHRA)

b2ap3_thumbnail_afhra_logo.pngMission statement of the Alternative Hot Rod Association (AFHRA) AFHRA is all about successful adaptation of alternative fuel technology in motor vehicles (on-road and off-road) AFHRA will work with local, state and federal governments on adapting safety protocols for the alternative fuel industry. AFHRA will work with manufacturers on assembly, use and safety of their products and set minimum guidelines for AFHRA product approval. AFHRA will also work with installers and individuals on correct assembly and use of these technologies. AFHRA is established for betterment of the industry, its participants and enthusiasts. AFHRA began its roots in 2010 by industry alternative fuel veteran Kevin Fern. AFHRA is a non-profit mechanism to educate, inform, train and provide a stable foundation for racing, performance enthusiasts, Hot Rodder’s and manufacturers to build and create innovative products and fuel systems. From professional racing to backyard mechanics, this foundation will serve its members by setting standards...
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AFHRAAFHRA is the Alternative Fuel Hot Rod Association. Dedicated to promoting alternative fuels for hot rods, muscle cars and racing applications.