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Information on CNG vehicles www.safengv.org NGV Safety forum www.ngvc.org  CNG vehicle coalition www.cngnow.com  T-Boone Pickens site for CNG www.cngchat.com  Blog community for CNG vehicle users www.westport.com  Makers of the over the road truck and light duty vehicle systems www.impcotechnologies.com  Current up-fitter for the GM van and Bi-Fuel   pickup www.baftechnologies.com  Up-fitter for Ford products   Information on refueling www.brcfuelmaker.it  Home refueling www.cngprices.com  Fuel station locator www.cngnow.com/vehicles/refueling  Fuel station locator www.solcalgas.com  Southern California gas company   Information on components Cylinders www.lincolncomposites.com  CNG cylinder manufacturer Type IV www.worthingtoncylinders.com  CNG cylinder manufacturer Type III and IV www.luxfercylinders.com  CNG cylinder manufacturer Type III   Regulators www.conoflow.com  High pressure fuel regulators www.gficontrolsystems.com  High pressure fuel regulators and valves www.rotarex.com  Coolant-less fuel regulator and valves   Fuel injectors www.bosch.com  NGI2 fuel injectors   CDP Friends and other great links www.hotrodtime.com  Hot rod and classic car community - simply awesome!
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Is CNG safe? When compared to gasoline, CNG is a much safer fuel overall. CNG is lighter than air and tends to rise to the atmosphere versus pooling on the ground if a leak were to occur. CNG has a higher ignition temperature then gasoline, making it harder to ignite. All of the components in a CNG vehicle have a redundancy of at least two times working pressure. Working pressure in the CNG vehicle is 3600 psi. Can I retrofit my existing daily driver? This depends on the vehicle. There are different emissions standards throughout the country. Several have adopted CARB emission standards, the rest of the country follows EPA standards. Due to the complexity and cost of certification to the standards, not every vehicle or model year is a suitable candidate for conversion. Go to www.ngvc.org for more information. Vehicles such as hot rods, typically are exempt from these standards, with the exception...
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